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Thermographic picture of a radiant heating ceiling: temperatures spread uniformly

Radiant Heating with KaRo

Radiant heat is the most natural form of heating. For centuries, man has appreciated the pleasant heat of the sun and an open fire. Just like nature, KaRo uses liquids to transport heat because water conducts heat 1000 times better than air. Radiant Heating with KaRo cuts energy consumption; this conserves resources and reduces CO2 emissions.

Capillary Tube Mats Give Off Heat

Every floor, wall or ceiling can be transformed into an invisible KaRo radiant heating system. The walls uniformly distribute the heat within the room, store it and keep the temperature constant. KaRo stops dry heating air.
Thanks to their low overall height, KaRo radiant heating systems vanish inside the walls and give you more space to live.
Your KaRo partner will put together an energy-efficient and cost-effective system solution for you.