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Radiant Cooling with Capillary Tube Mats

Stretches of water reliably and efficiently regulate the climate. With KaRo capillary tube mats, you use this principle for your own personal room temperature and air quality. KaRo cooling operates on the radiation principle and with small temperature differences between the capillary tube system and room temperature. Together with natural air mass exchange, the temperatures uniformly spread out within the room without unwanted air turbulence.

A Cool Head Thanks to KaRo

Too much heat quickly has a negative effect on people's comfort and ability to concentrate. KaRo radiant cooling in the ceiling or wall ensures pleasant coolness without freezing. The KaRo capillary tube network under the surface uniformly removes surplus thermal radiation without generating unpleasant coldness or draughts. KaRo stays refreshingly still.
Your KaRo partner also integrates the innovative radiant cooling technology in your old or new building.