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KaRo Radiant Heating and Cooling Comfort

KaRo radiant heating and cooling systems provide maximum comfort: silent and natural temperature control. As a water-borne, closed system, KaRo does not stir up dust and therefore does not provide a target for germs and pathogens. Thanks to KaRo capillary tube systems, rooms are not only kept at a pleasant temperature but also stay healthy.

Silent, Flexible, Perfect

The KaRo principle offers great variety. Radiant heating and cooling works with the same system; this saves space and avoids duplicate installations. The KaRo principle is suitable for any building - whether new build or refurbished. KaRo flexibly adapts to different surface structures and leaves plenty of creative freedom for architecture and interior design.
KaRo is like a good English butler: You don't see it, you don't hear it, but it's always there when you need it.
Make KaRo your own personal temperature butler!